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Artoos - Create - Automate - Print - Send

Artoos is an integrated graphic service provider. 
Our offer: efficient total solutions to create, produce and distribute your marketing 
communication. Our customers are end-users as well as advertising companies, 
both national and international. 

Artoos employs 156 people in Belgium and the Netherlands and achieved a turnover 
of more than €23 million in 2004. 

Total fulfillement - one-stop-shop


Quality and reliability are basic prerequisites. But efficiency provides the edge. That’s why we believe in vertical integration combined with the most up to date technologies. It allows speed at lower cost throughout the entire value chain. Important, when it comes to business communications. 

Successfully implementing our vision, on a daily basis, so that customers gain time, money and communication power. 

How we work 
Our services include layout, digital and offset printing (sheet printing ànd rotation). Mail handling and fulfillment were the final links to complete our vertical integration. In recent years we significantly strengthened our printing services by developing solutions to automate graphic production, based on Internet Technology. 
A wide assortment of graphical services lets you decide when you need us and what you need us for. Each customer is allocated a personal point of contact to give you advice or call in the specialists if needed. 
Whether it’s marketing, design or product technical advice, we have the expertise ready for you. What’s more, Artoos pro-actively measures satisfaction and quality levels. We promote long-term partner relationships, because they reduce misunderstandings, enhance speed and permit budget control. Our regular customers benefit from concrete and detailed cooperation agreements, with regular evaluations to systematically improve customer relations. 


Artoos Communication Group Belgium 

Oudestraat 19 
B1910 Kampenhout 

Tel.: +32(0)16 60 00 85 
Fax: +32(0)16 60 47 90 
E-mail: info@artoos.com 

If your car has a navigation system, you best use the address of our neighbours: 
Haachtsesteenweg 701, 1910 Kampenhout.