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Prompt payments with CashflowByWeb! 
Every business organisation  can get into serious trouble due to slow or bad payers. 
A solution to this problem is to have installed a good and well controlled credit/debt Management. CashflowByWeb will enable you to handle all  this in a simple, faster and more efficient way!  


Debtor’s management

 In order to be efficient, a  debtor’s Management should be a combination of  preventive actions on one side, and on the other side actions to master the risks, along with offering chances to the company.“ This statement was made by Henri de Swaef,  managing director of Delta Point OCS, who created the software programme CashflowByWeb.

Debtor’s  management is asking for a multidisciplinary approach within the organisation of a firm; everybody has to take their own responsibility. Be careful in saying too fast that customers are bad or slow payers. In fact, debt recovery is not always considered a priority in the daily management of a company. In a long standing business relationship with a client, emotions, very often may produce a wrong commercial effect. Also, it can happen that something was not right or incomplete in the whole process, like, for example, when, in the sales conditions, payment terms were not clearly specified. “ dixit Henri de Swaef. “CashflowByWeb” does offer you the possibility to manage your debtors in an operational and interactive way and, as such, it is the ideal solution for all above mentioned problems.



Permanent communication is a fundament of an efficient debt management

"Internal and external communication in an organisation has to be as transparent as possible. CashflowByWeb will take care of this, in such a way that all parties involved will be in touch with each other in a same environment, including the debtor!

In our role as a service company, we have tried to find if such software already existed, however in vain. Therefore we decided to conceive ourselves a web based software programme and to offer this to the market on a renting basis, for the benefit of companies who do conduct debt management in the traditional way, as well as for organisations who do render external services.“ 

dixit Henri de Swaef.



CashflowByWeb is steered via the web and will take care of the automatic follow up of all outstanding invoices as well as of all the actions which are undertaken in this respect. The system is conducted by the user in a dynamic way.

If no action is forthcoming, CashflowByWeb will immediately and automatically follow up.

It is an interactive process, whereby all parties concerned are involved and asked to perform. CashflowByWeb will produce an automatic file, thanks to the logging of the various actions undertaken by each of the users. Complementary information from the whole process and debtor’s documents can be added to the digital file. CashflowByWeb is consumer friendly efficient and works very fast. It will give you more time to concentrate on other activities in the daily run of your enterprise. A lot of companies, who hired the system, cannot live without it any more.



CashflowByWeb assets


  • Plainness – when you are sending a reminder, you can add a copy of the invoice, the order form as well as of  the supply voucher, in order to present a full picture to the debtor. You are saving a considerable lot of time, and it also will stimulate the debtor to pay in time. Last but not least, he cannot use the excuse any more for not having received the invoice!
  • Flexibility – follow up of invoices as well as the recovery actions on unpaid bills, can be coupled automatically and connected in a handy way to your accounting programme. A task  platform together with your e-mailbox will make the combined, interactive process possible.
  • File – All actions and documents can be saved in the digital file. This online facility can also be consulted and/or followed up by colleagues and/or respective responsible people. Finally, in case you have to ask for the help of an external source, you can send them a trim and tight legal file on the spot.
  • Transparency – Thanks to constant interactivity between debtor and creditor, a mutual trust is created.
  • Liquidity – Due to an improvement of the liquidity of a company, creditor’s need for working capital will be reduced. 
  • Prompt payment – Two entries are provided for this purpose:

1.   BillingByWeb will ask the debtor to confirm receipt of the invoice as well as to mark  his approval to the document.

2.   CollectingByWeb offers different possibilities how to collect the balances.



More CashflowByWeb in less time!


When you decide to go for CashflowByWeb, you will experience:


  • Interactive relationship /communication between debtor and creditor
  • Excellent mutual understanding
  • Saving time, thanks to automatization of the process
  • Considerable improvement of your DSO, more liquidity
  • The best way of  communication
  • Savings on indirect expenses
  • Professional approach
  • A trim and tight legal file







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