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Vrydagh & Boriau Incasso

Vrydagh & Boriau Incasso


Gentle if possible, hard if need be

That’s the way we approach your bad payers. Whether it's just 20 euros or a really large amount... As a collection agency we protect you against unnecessary financial risks.


Fast collection of your debts, and improved cash flow thanks to efficient debtor management. That is your top priority and ours. We work with real feeling for business psychology. Facilitating matters, working out a solution together, friendly settlement... These are the pillars of our company philosophy. After all, today's bad payer may not be a bad customer tomorrow.

Our way of working is to view the debtor as a client. We do not treat all debtors the same – we listen to their individual stories. Financial difficulties are usually real and mostly temporary. Together with the debtor we look for a solution. And our diplomatic approach is very efficient, especially vis a vis the long term. In many cases, customers remain loyal to you after our intervention. Indeed, our diplomacy strengthens the bonds between your company and your customer.

We offer you 35 solid years of experience, in-depth expertise and useful IT tools. The result is that which you might expect from such an experienced player. A royal success rate!

We work together with you in an atmosphere of transparency and trust.



A polite but firm collection service

We help you overcome collection difficulties by helping you work out a secure, focused debtor management system. We then offer you a highly efficient collection service with the emphasis on dialogue and negotiation. Because not all sectors demand the same approach, we offer you a collection service that is tailor-made to your business.


One single contact person throughout

Clear communication about the status of your file and transparent reporting of amounts received is a top priority for us. Your contact person keeps you up-to-date with all aspects of your file. So you can be sure of a fast, precise service. This reporting is free of charge.


A transparent commission system

With us, you pay commission only if we recover your money. We make prior, crystal-clear agreements with our clients in this area. Telephone, post and admin. costs are calculated in one-time, low dossier fee. For larger portfolios we do not charge dossier fees.




Vrydagh & Boriau offers the following services:


  • collection
  • debtor management
  • consultancy
  • debtor software
  • staff assist
  • external monitoring and evaluation



         Vrydagh & Boriau NV
         Jozef Van Elewijckstraat 61
         1853 Strombeek - Bever

         Tel: 02 549 06 90
         Fax: 02 511 33 69
         Mail: info@vr-bo.be
         RPR: BE 454.943.757